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DIY-800KITCE: the advantages of the kit


The DIY-800KITCE is easily fixed on the rail and mounted to the ceiling, opening of the door is carried out by means of a belt. The self-locking gear ensures mechanical locking of the door if engine is stoped but in case of power failure the manual emergency release would let you to open and close the door manually. 

 For maximum safety the control unit has force protection according to EN 12453.

Besides, optionally, the operator can be equipped by photocells that stop the door in case of unexpected obstacles, people or other things inside the opening would appear. 3-part belt rail that is a part of the DIY-800KITCE allows easy transportation and a noiseless operation.

The advantages of the DIY-800KITCE kit:

  •     high quality execution and modern design;
  •     the operator has built-in LED light that save costs and protects the environment;
  •     automatic force protection adjustment;
  •     built-in encoder;
  •     smooth start and stop increase the life time not only for the operator, but also for the doors;
  •     absolute cycle counter;
  •     automatic closing function;
  •     preset to factory setting function;
  •     disabled commands during opening cycle;
  •     2 remote Transmitter 4 Black included in the kit;
  •     2 modes of ventilation;
  •     remote programming of new transmitterrs;
  •     disable remote programming of transmitterrs;
  •     easy unlocking of the carriage;
  •     built-in receiver for 60 transmitters;
  •     “easy to connect” plug for other devices (photocells, key-switch, etc.). It is no need to open the operator for the new connection.

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